DNZ1500 Blanket Compactor

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This machine is the expanding shrinkproof finishing machine for tubular knitting(mainly for pure cotton.mixed cotton,chemical fibre).

1.Vaulting board which uses electric magnetic to separate weavers shuttle,can eliminate the trace of "laser imprint" effiently.
2.The combination of 20mm thick emed woolen blanket and Teflon membrane realize powerfull preshrinkage,with ashring kage rate less than 3%.
3.Install cotroling system which men can control it by touching screen.
4.The extra-huge angel which and cover woollen  blanket makes the finalized desigh more longer 15% than general pattern.
5.Oil-baked tubular which conduct heat by electric,has evern heat,and can be controled automatically.
6.The machine has converter control,can materialize infinitey variable speed transmission.
7.The shelf is built to put colth into it,sauing cloth box with shape R can introduce cloth with constent tension.
8.Woollen blanket becomes loose and tense by gas.When the machine stops working,it becomes loose automatically. Its an effective pretect.
9.With tension speed-governing device equipped, realizing automatic adjustment of cloth speed
10.Cloth outputed will become cold by absorb man-made wind.It will suit for both general folded cloth and precise folded colth.
11.The cloth system is a hydraulic precise cloth spreading machine, equipped with the automatic movements control device,platform can fall down with cloth spreading thickness, without manual operation, featured by regular and artistic cloth spreading. It can be used as independent equipment.

Technical Specifications
1.Working width: 1500mm
2.Machanical speed: 3~35m/min
3.The temperature of cylinder: 0~200C
4.Electric heating power: 30kw
5.Motor power: 8.02kw
6.Adjustable width of cloth: 400~1500mm
7.Pressure of steam: 0.4~0.6MPa
8.Pressure of compressed air: 0.3~0.6MPa
9.Shape size(LWH): 7558?850?350mm

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