DTH3200 Three Pass Tensionless Dryer

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Apply to drying, pre-shrinking and loosing of various cylindrical and full widty fabrics.

Technical Specifications
1.Drying chamber: 4 cases / 6 cases
2.Web belt width: 240cm / 260cm / 280cm / 320cm
3.Mechanical speed: 3~35m/min
4.Evaporaling volume: 170kg/h per case
5.Power: 4 cases 96kw  6 cases 145kw
6.Gross weight: 4 cases 25t  6 cases 35t
7.Drying temperature:
   vapor heating 100〜140C
   Oil(natural gas)heating: 100〜170C
8.Shape size: (LWH)
   4 cases  14177x5000x3845mm
   6 cases  18177x5000x3845mm

1.Drying with two layers, operating at same end, saving mans, the machine has double capacity as single layer Dryer with the same area.
2.During the drying process two layers Teflon wed belt transport the fabrics forth and back, long drying path, outputhigh. After treated, the fabrics have good hand-feeling, low shrinkage.
3.Fabrics can be dried from both sides in two bellows-upper one and underside, soit will not cause different sides.
4.Fabrics jmoving with large wave shape to realized the truly non-tension drying,proved plenty of hot airs.
5.Each chamber set with a fresh air entrance with adjustable damper ensure chamber moisture maintain the state of high efficient.
6.The web belt moving automatically controlled by pnellmatic device.
7.The roller have stainless steel like ni-psedimentary cover have good resistance of wear and rust.
8.High resistance lnsulating material, plate have good effect of heat reserve.
9.PLC+PMU control system, easy and convenient to operate.
10.This machine has three heating modes of vapor, heat conducting oil and antural gas.

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