DME691 Overfeed Expanding Machine

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The machine is the overfeed expanding and calendering machine for tubular knitting of pure cotton and mixed cotton.If it be used together with felt shrinkproof finishing Machine.DME692 for shrinkage can get best result of finished knitting.

Technical Specifications
1.Working width: 1500mm
2.Machanical speed: 5~35m/min
3.Overfeed rate: -10%~+125%
4.Shape size(LWH): 2100?450?800mm

1.The tubcular flet is the special import product and has a good wear resistance and heat resistance.
2.The steam box made of stainless steel, with no dew, is operated easily, The whiff amount of steam can be adjusteel and the steaming unit is automatically turnd on and off in response to machine start and stop.
3.The pressure at press point can be adjusted.The finished knitting feels soft.
4.Machnical speed controlled by frequency which is adjusted easily and accurately.
5.After finishing, the fabric can be discharged under the tension free state and relaxation.

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