DME692 Single and Double ways compactor

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This machine is the expanding shrinkproof finishing machine for tubular knitting(mainly for pure cotton, mixed coutton, chemical fibre).It can be used together with overfeed expanding machine DME691.for shinkage finishing.The finished tubular knitting feels soft, smooth.Its texture is clear and desired dimension is less than 5%.It is the key equipment to improve the quality of product in the final process in the knitting industry.

1.Set with convert switch, can working as single way mode or double ways mode.
2.The looptelt is the special import product and has a good wear resis tance and heat resistance.
3.The steam box made of stainless steel, withnodew is operated easily and the wpray amount of steam can be adjusted.The steam unit is automatically turned on and off in response to machine start and stop.
4.The surface temperature of the cylinder can be adjusted exactly by the automatic temperature controller.
5.The enpless felt can adjust its course automatically by the meam of he straightening unit, Wbile the knitting passed through the felt and  cylinger, it can be ironde and calendered.
6.Speeding by frequency conversion shown cloth-speed.By adjusting process speed in proportion and can get the differen tial effects puabetter result of heat press shrinkproof and contract.
7.The finished cloth is comed cut in the state of no tension and loose  by the conveyer unit.
8.This machine has two heating modes of steam and electic heating oil.

Technical Specifications
1.Working width: 1300mm / 1500mm / 900mm(double ways)
2.Machanical speed: 5~30m/min
3.The temperature of cylinder:
   Vapor heated: 100~150C
   Electric heated: 100~200C
4.Driving methods: frequency timing
5.Shape size(LWH):
   3300?650?130mm(single way)
   3300?600?130mm(double ways)

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